Vitascope Wood Puzzle - LK601

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Before operation, adjust the focal length to 28mm , you can easily control the size and brightness of the projected picture.No battery needed,hold the handle,turn it clockwise in constant speed,enjoy the classic moments of the comedy.

It contains 58 frames of film in total.The middle part of the projector, equipped with an access door, can be inspected and trouble-shooted, and it is also convenient to change the film later.More films will be updated in the future. 

ROKR Vitascope is a world first Battery-free 3d wooden model of Vintage movie projector. The product contains 172 pcs laser-cut wood parts, a hand-crank generator, a film, and other components. 


Main Feature:
1) Assembly size: 230*133*255(mm) ; 

2) Package size: 320*235*51(mm) ;

3) Wood Pieces: 183pcs

4) Material: Plywood, Inner machine accessories    

5) Series: Mechanical gears;

6) Type: Hand crank;

6) Package Weight: 800g;
7) Assembling Time: 4-8 hours;
8) Age: 14+;
9) Safe and non-toxic;

10) Warning: Small Parts Not for Children under 3 years old

Package Content:
1) Wooden Parts;
2) Plastic Parts;
3) English instruction of assemble process.